Lenovo Yoga 900s Review

Lenovo Yoga 900s ReviewRecognizably Different from Competition
The Lenovo Yoga 900s is a super thin notebook convertible with strikingly slim edges as well as attention-grabbing design. It is not merely a beautiful ultrabook, but boasts of a crunchy 1080p touch display, comfy keyboard and adequate battery life. There might be other ultrabooks with better performance, but the Yoga 900s’ blend of form and function isn’t easy to match.


• Dazzling lightweight design

• Excellent battery life

• Crisp and bright display

• Cozy keyboard


• Lags behind the competition in performance

• Lacking in pen

• Click button stiff

Lenovo Yoga 900s Design and Features
The Lenovo Yoga 900s looks more like something out of a premium jeweler’s creation than a laptop. Its black-and-gold designer good looks is totally arresting, mostly due to the impressive hinge, allowing the ultrabook to be folded and flipped into a series of handy modes. The same elegant look is reflected on the keyboard deck, as 900s’s awesome gold keys remain bordered by a unique coating of soft-touch, textured material that is both

7 Ways to Renew Your Old Computer

Renew Your Old ComputerWhat happens when you have an old, poor performing computer which sucks your time and create frustration every day? Here are 7 ways in which you can make the best of it.

1. Upgrade

Did you just install a software or game, and your computer is crawling while loading them?

Yes, it’s probably a very good to spend some money, and upgrade that tortoise. It’s definitely one of the best ways to speed up the old computer with minimum cost.

While it’s not always possible to do an upgrade, especially for laptops, you should still be able to upgrade its RAM and hard disk drive. RAM, also known as PC memory, can give you an extra boost in performance. And upgrading your hard disk to a solid state drive is another way to do it – not only will it boot up faster, your applications will perform better as well.

Just these two minor upgrades will keep your computer fresh and faster.

2. Steroids for CPU

While some computers don’t have the option to upgrade their processor unit and graphics

Tips To Maintain Performance Of PC

Maintain Performance Of PCPeople are using advanced technological devices for different purposes. The use of advanced gadgets has increased the rate of working in offices. Now complicated projects can be easily performed alone which is not possible earlier. This is because advanced gadgets are simply awesome in performing works effectively. All the offices around the world are using special quality gadgets useful in performing works effectively and according to global standard. There are numerous devices that are being bought by people to use in works nicely. Let us look at the important gadgets that are being used by professionals and its maintenance.

iMac Repairing for Resolution of Problems

Apple has the most advanced gadget useful for performing works effectively. Special hardware and software is used to be suitable for performing complicated projects immediately. Users enjoy working in the gadgets due to obstacle free experience during works. The retina display, processor, slim design, and other applications allure consumers from different regions of the world. iMac is an important gadget of this brand made to provide amazing using experience to users. Despite having advanced applications and hardware, iMac is not

How To Download And Register Missing DLL Files

Download And Register Missing DLL FilesIn some circumstances, it may happen that some program is a lack of a file with the. Dll extension, if we do not hold that file, the program or some of its functions can’t be used. It may also have other extensions like .drv, .exe, .ocx, and .vxd depending on how the designers structured the application.

Usually in these situations you got to download the file that is missing, and often to assure that the DLL is that the program requires performing a procedure called DLL registration, only then by restarting the program that needs that library to work properly.

DLL files are software libraries that can be used by programs that require them. Usually all along the process of program installation you also install all the required settings, anyhow in some cases something can go wrong, or there can be erased some programs that are used to clean up and lighten your operating system.

How to register this type of file on my personal computer?

After downloading the library in most cases it is best to copy it inside the

What Is Access Control System

Access Control SystemEntrance access control security management system is a new modern safety management system, which combines computer automatic identification technology and modern safety measures as a whole, it involves a lot of new technologies in electronics, machinery, optics, computerte chnology, communications technology, biotechnology and so on. It is aneffective measure to solve the entrance implement security management for importantsectors. For a variety of confidential sectors, such as banks, hotels, parkinglots management, computer room, armory, confidential room, office, intelligence community, factories and so on.

Access control system goes beyond the meredoorway and key management, it has evolved into a complete access controlsystem. It plays a larger role in a safe working environment, personnelattendance management and other administrative work.

Access control system categories

There are different types of access controlsystems according to different classifications

a. According to the designprinciple

1, the controller comes with a card reader (identification device)

This design flaw is the controls shall beinstalled outside at the door, some of the control lines must be exposed to the outside, insiders do not need cards or password can easily open the door.

How To Know About Children Activity Online Using Serial Loggers

How To Know About Children Activity Online Using Serial LoggersDo you have a need to monitor one of your computers? Are you worried about an employee’s work activities or perhaps you want to be very sure about who your child is talking to online? If you are wondering about the best way to find out this information then keyloggers could be an easy answer for you.

There are a couple of options so read on for the reasons we think you should choose a hardware keylogger over a software keylogger.

Hardware keyloggers are super simple to install. They just need to be plugged into the computer between the tower and the keyboard. There are internal options as well if you think the computer user may know what a keylogger is if they see it. There is no other access to the computer required, just the ability for a quick plug in. If you were to choose the software option, you would need to have access to the computer’s password to be able to complete the install.

There is no way to detect a hardware keylogger. It won’t

Lenovo Thinkpad T61 Laptop Reviews

Lenovo Thinkpad T6114-inch widescreen ThinkPad T61 widescreen is very similar with the past ThinkPad T60, there is almost no difference between them from the appearance. Only a few small details (such as the body of the Logo) has changed, but the most important change is internal body changes, where we observed the naked eye.

In the bottom right of the ThinkPad logo, is the screen lock and open key; at the center-right, are 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks; on the left a little green organs, which control the entire ThinkPad wireless resource on / off, including Bluetooth and WiFi; the far left is the IEEE 1394 small jack.

ThinkPad except for one type of removable CD/DVD ROM drive, on the right side of drive is a USB 2.0 port.

Far left is the cooling fins; then is a VGA video output port; then is the RJ-11, RJ-45 ports, two USB slots, and a PCMCIA expansion slot + SD card reader total structural design.

Although the ThinkPad T61 is a dual-core model, the operating system is also equipped with Vista Business, but not with the new PCMCIA

Logitech H600 Wireless Headphones Reviews Wireless Free Life

Logitech H600 Wireless HeadphonesThe world’s most famous computer peripherals suppliers Logitech is also famous in PC multimedia entertainment design manufacturers. With the development of multimedia entertainment, Logitech followed the market pace, attaches great importance to the game, multimedia and network audio-visual AIDS develops. In order to adapt to the current consumption trend, greatly accelerate the process of product diversification and comprehensive, its products also covers the game consoles, music players, mobile devices and home entertainment system, etc.

From the development trend of audio products, the wire is a very important factor bound to enjoy freedom of music. “Get rid of the shackles of cable, using wireless way to enjoy music” is the development direction of public expectations. In the current variety of wireless transmission protocol, 2.4G holdings are still high.

Logitech Wireless Headset H600 overall appearance is very fruity, use the black unit as the prototype, the shell surface through careful polishing processing, very simple, cool, like a jet. A blue circle on the headphones unit shell decoration, very conspicuous. And is very match with pure black raven headphones shell. The right side of the silver Logitech LOGO

Repair Involved In A Personal Computer

parts inside a PCIn this article I will explain about all the parts inside a PC. I will also talk about replacing or repairing them one by one in order to bring the computer back to life.

A PC consists of many parts that can be repaired or replaced. This includes a casing that is the outside of the PC. A PC usually has three essential cables which include a power cable, a keyboard cable and finally a mouse cord. If we look inside the PC we see many parts. The first one is called power supply where we connect the power cord. This unit power distribution function inside a computer system. The power supply connects to a blue or green color board normally known as motherboard which is also called as logicboard, a term introduced by Apple in their Mac desktops and MacBooks. As the name suggest, this board works like a mother that help connect all PC parts together. The next part inside the box is the RAM (Random Access Memory). This part helps computer run its programs as long as the computer us turned on. The

Types Of Projectors And Their Use

CRT ProjectorEvery person watches films. They are an integral part of our culture. Today, there are many media through which one can watch films or any audio visual content, but earlier there was only one source. There was only one place where one could watch films. And that was a movie theatre. Even today there are multiplexes, but the number of people going to watch movies in a single screen cinema theatre has lessened.

Typically the screening of a film is a technical process. A person projects light from the source onto the screen. This light is basically a combination of motion images called a movie. The device through which this light is projected onto the big screen is called a Projector and the technician operating the projector is known as a projectionist. So basically a projector is an optical device projecting an image onto the projection screen.

A projector is not just limited to watching a movie. Many business meetings and client presentations are solely based on projectors, meaning that it becomes an essential element in presenting a client with a product or service for that matter.

Why Imac Repair Should Be Taken From Certified Technicians

Imac RepairPeople are using high end gadgets in performing works effectively these days. High end technological devices are useful in performing complicated projects at ease by professionals. Among the numerous devices, computer is one of the most important devices invented by the human being since the beginning of civilization. The performance get by the users is amazing with capacity to perform works of hundreds of men within seconds. This is why using of high end gadgets is helping in performing works effectively and according to global standard. Offices around the world are being computerized to perform work better and quickly. Aspirants willing to work in offices need to have skill in running computer to be eligible in getting job. This is why people are buying computers from the market to use in performing works. But, it is essential for users to maintain devices from getting damaged or glitches that hampers completing projects on time. Let us look at the importance of hiring certified technician in repairing numerous problems.

Laptop is a small device that is useful in performing works effectively with special software. This is a small device but

The Best Home Theater Projectors

Optoma ML1000P WXGAIf you are going to buy a projector to watch movies, work with your computer or cellphone and play computer games, you are in the right place. In this blog, I am going to review the best video projectors of all types that you can find in the market. However, if you are aiming to buy a good quality projector like BENQ , SONY, SAMSUNG, EPSON or ACER you are going to spend at least 400 dollar for the cheapest ones, but here I will review some of the best home video projectors in various range prices. Plus, I will review some infamous projector brands ranging form 40-150 dollars for those who are looking for a cheap and average quality projectors. Of course, I did not forget portable, pocket-sized and micro projectors which are my favorite ones.

Top Rated Home Theater Projectors

Wanna spend more than 1500 $ for a high quality projector? Then, I have some suggestions for you!!

1- Optoma ML1000P WXGA :

It is 3D-Ready Mobile Projector with 1000 LED lumens and perfect for those who travel a lot. It is

Way To New World Modern Devices

USB flashes driveWhether there we talk about Music or our family and friends related photos, our memories that are saved in videos, or on the other hand we talk about personal, organizational and business files, USB flash drives are most top of the need to save all of them. With a USB flash drive, it gives you access to your files, now you have it. Different types of USB flash drives help to suit every need and style. These USB flash drives give you with password protection to keep your private files secure. FLARIAN is presenting you with vast types of USB flash drives. Some of them are given below:

1. USB flashes drive

2. USB card flyer

3. Custom Cards

4. USB business cards

5. Customized USB cards etc.

Whether you’re looking for a way to transport homework or a drive for your music, this bold USB flash drive passes the test. The USB drive is designed to revolve around your on-the-go life. From work files to photos to fusion jazz, carry your content wherever

Choosing An HP Printer Inkjet Vs Toner

HP Printer Inkjet Vs TonerHP is one of the most reputable printer brands out there but opting for an HP printer still doesn’t make your search any easier. You have to pick between different types of printers; or to be more specific – you need to choose between an inkjet HP and a toner HP.

To help you make the right decision, we have come up with this short guide.

1. Choose Between a Basic and an All-in-One Printer

A basic or plain printer has only one function and that is to print. It doesn’t offer scanning, faxing or copying and you can get one for around $100. An All-In-One printer on the other hand, lets you scan, copy and even send fax messages. Your choice depends on your needs. If you often need to scan or copy documents then choosing an all-in-one printer may be more practical since the cost of buying a scanner and photocopier individually may be higher than buying a printer that has all these functions.

2. Check Printer Ratings

There are many reviews of HP compatible inkjet printers online that

Promotional USB Drive

Promotional USB DriveBoosting Marketing with a Promotional USB Drive

Promotional USB drives come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials and colors. While the old flash drive of the eighties and nineties consisted of one rectangular shape that was either black or white; 2014 custom flash drives introduce a new opportunity to the promotional industry.

The typical flash drive had a basic appearance and was used to store data. The point being the data could be saved, opened on any computer, edited and saved again. Other than the basic function of sharing and saving, there was no other purpose for data storage. This year alone, there are over 10 respectable companies that honed in on the production of promotional USB drives.

Standard Rectangular USB Drive

Promotional companies have refined their engineering and graphic design skills to push the image of a typical flash drive further than its intended use. Thus, extending the technological life of these gadgets. With their innovative thinking flash drives can now be made from a variety of materials including:

● Wood (maple, bamboo, recycled wood, birch, cherry)

● Leather (variety

Computer/device Screen Repair

Computer device Screen RepairMany computers, tablets and phones make use of old and modern screens. These devices, when in need of repair, factor from the different screen types, screen replacement and repair prices.

Firstly, it is important to acknowledge that there are different types of screens that are in use in the market. Non-touch and touch screens vary on the type of device. Laptop screens are attached to the laptop; so this may seem as though the screen in tablets like iPhones and iPads are also built in but they are not. As for old and modern TV’s, they use Plasma, LCD and LED screens. All of these screens are repairable or replaceable.

In addition, knowing about screen replacement is important within a repair. All moniters and screens are possible to replace, from computer and tablet screens to LCD’s. Apple computers like iMacs and Macbook Pro’s use regular screens while iPads and phones come with a touch screen. Touch screen within computers were introduced to compete with Apple’s advanced products but failed as most users prefer to use a keyboard with their desktop rather than using a touch

Facts On How A Pc Microphone Functions

Pc MicrophoneA PC microphone is quite similar to a normal ordinary microphone which is ideally used while you are indulged in stage speaking. The only difference in both microphones is that the ones used for public speaking are much more powerful in terms of reception and speech while those that are used in computers are less powerful in these aspects. Nonetheless, the overall functionality of both microphones is ideally the same.

A microphone is ideally meant to amplify your voice and hence, it should ideally contain an in built amplifier. So, the basic functionality of a microphone is to amplify the voice which is being fed into its system. Whenever you speak to the microphone which in turn is attached to your PC, then you would need to understand that your voice is first fed into the microphone and then transferred via the wires to the sound card.

The audio procession with regards to the microphone attached to your PC is done by the sound card which is attached to your PC. The only visible difference between the microphone used

Buy New Or New Looking Old Refurbished Laptops At Cheapest Rates

Buy New Or New Looking Old Refurbished LaptopsIf you are thinking of buying a laptop presently then there would be suggestions coming from all over. You will find people who have utilized a Dell laptop and have been very happy with that. They will give you the good reviews and also there would likely be people who would talk otherwise. Therefore, if you are in Delhi you should always search for Dell Laptop repair Center in Gurgaon who are in to providing top quality goods such as Dell offline at the shops or online. Additionally, they deal with refurbished Dell laptop which not only just look like a brand new product but performs also the same way. The rates quoted by them are usually competitive and they also assure you that you will not get a better deal than this on any of the websites also.

There’s a chance you’re not too sure to buy a refurbished Dell Laptop and feel that they’re certainly not as much good as the new ones and will certainly not last very long. However, you may be surprised to know that the process

Laptops The Rise And The Fall

LaptopsBeing on the move 24×7, it becomes impossible to carry your desktop everywhere you go. To overcome this crippling defect, man invented laptops hoping that it would aid him to work or access files whenever he wants and from wherever he wants. Introduced into the world over three decades ago, this is one of man’s favorite and still-in-use devices, which has evolved dramatically over the years with high-level engineering in design and build, along with upgraded software and more. The only difference is that, now, man spends quite some time unraveling the mysteries of the newest software, when he should be “working”.

Statistics on Computer:

Laptops were brand new and not as effective, as it is now when it was launched in 1979. Laptops saw a good sales level shipping around 210 million units just in the last year – 2012 – and this number is expected to keep increasing. This figure is only for the globally shipped laptops, if the numbers sold directly are added, this figure is much higher. Though there are a number of companies that sale a quality laptop, HP has remained the leading

Top 10 Tips To Repair Your Slow Computer Yourself

Repair Your Slow Computer YourselfIn this digital age, we are getting more and more dependent on computers. Then, computer repair experts may not be within your reach all the time. Moreover, it takes time for them to reach you too. So, what will you do if your PC breakdowns when you are in a hurry to complete your important projects? Problems can arise if you reside alone in some distant area, away from posh areas like New York and Manhattan. In such scenarios, it is mandatory to equip yourself with some basic repairing knowledge such as computer repair, laptop repair, iPhone repair, etc. In this article, you can learn top 10 computer repairing tips to help you in times of a sudden PC issue.

Slow PC problem is one of the most common issues that people face frequently. And, if you don’t pay heed to the “slow PC” problem, then you will often notice your system underperforming. So, let us find out how you can troubleshoot such common issues effectively when your computer repair NYC technician is not reachable.

Restart Your PC

This troubleshooting step may seem