Repair Involved In A Personal Computer

parts inside a PCIn this article I will explain about all the parts inside a PC. I will also talk about replacing or repairing them one by one in order to bring the computer back to life.

A PC consists of many parts that can be repaired or replaced. This includes a casing that is the outside of the PC. A PC usually has three essential cables which include a power cable, a keyboard cable and finally a mouse cord. If we look inside the PC we see many parts. The first one is called power supply where we connect the power cord. This unit power distribution function inside a computer system. The power supply connects to a blue or green color board normally known as motherboard which is also called as logicboard, a term introduced by Apple in their Mac desktops and MacBooks. As the name suggest, this board works like a mother that help connect all PC parts together. The next part inside the box is the RAM (Random Access Memory). This part helps computer run its programs as long as the computer us turned on. The number of RAM sticks can range from 1 to 6. The next part is the CPU. The CPU normally has a fan and a heatsink (which take away heat from the CPU with the help of fan) on top of it. CPU is usually confused with the PC box or tower. CPU is the part that processes all operations for example all programming is executed inside the CPU. The next one is the graphics card. The graphics card has two types. Some PCs come with a built-in video chip (graphics adapter). This part actually displays all the programming or processing results on the computer screen. There are some extra ports in PCs that can be used to install a dedicated graphics card that does the same function like a graphics adapter i.e. displaying output on the screen (I will explain later what a monitor is).

Other parts that can be installed in these ports could be a modem, a USB splitter, a sound card (most of modern computers are coming with built-in sound card), SCSI card or a wireless PCI card (used to connect the PC to a router without wire for Internet connectivity). The other part that is most important is called a hard drive. The hard drive stores all data, programs, files like photos, documents, videos and other data. Old computers also come with a device called CD or DVD drive. This is used to copy data from and to a CD or DVD disc. This device can also be used to install programs on the computer. A Floppy diskette drive was part of very old computers. This was widely used when there was no CD or DVD drive. It is not coming with new computers anymore. There are some peripherals that are partially parts of a PC system. These include USB flash drives, Printers, Scanners and some other parts. The USB flash drives can be connected to the USB port of a PC. These flash devices are used to store data for mobility purpose. The printers are used to print, scan and send faxes. The last but not the least is the monitor that shows all the results and outputs. This device connects to the video adapter or graphics card on a computer.

Now let me talk about repairs. A Power supply can be one of the several reasons of no power in the PC. When there is no power, the PC can be brought back to life by replacing its power supply. If a motherboard is dead, there will be no life in the system. This could be repaired or replaced. About RAM, because there are more than one RAM slots, usually one or two chips might have problem so those can be replaced or if there is a problem with the RAM slot then a quick solution would be to install bigger RAM in one of the good slots. The CPU can be replaced in most PCs. The same can be done with heatsink or fan. Hard drive can be changed or repair and fixed which can lead to data recovery. CD or DVD, Floppy drive, graphics card, or sound cards can be replaced.

In this article, I talked about all parts of a PC and a possible repair or replacement to fix a computer system.

Types Of Projectors And Their Use

CRT ProjectorEvery person watches films. They are an integral part of our culture. Today, there are many media through which one can watch films or any audio visual content, but earlier there was only one source. There was only one place where one could watch films. And that was a movie theatre. Even today there are multiplexes, but the number of people going to watch movies in a single screen cinema theatre has lessened.

Typically the screening of a film is a technical process. A person projects light from the source onto the screen. This light is basically a combination of motion images called a movie. The device through which this light is projected onto the big screen is called a Projector and the technician operating the projector is known as a projectionist. So basically a projector is an optical device projecting an image onto the projection screen.

A projector is not just limited to watching a movie. Many business meetings and client presentations are solely based on projectors, meaning that it becomes an essential element in presenting a client with a product or service for that matter. So it is a necessity for every company to have a projector in this era. And projectors are not that costly as they used to be a decade earlier. So whether it’s business utility or a liability, projectors can easily be obtained these days.

There are Basically Three Types of Projectors:

CRT Projectors: These projectors use bright cathode ray tubes as the projecting element much like the old television sets. The main drawback with these are that they are very bulky and one also needs to change the cathode ray gun every now and then is not cost efficient

DLP Projectors: The digital light processing is a display based on micro-electro- mechanical technology. The device used is known as DMD which means digital micro mirror device. It was developed in 1987. There are two primary methods by which they create a color image, one is by single chip DLP projector and the other is 3 chip projectors.

LCD Projectors: Liquid crystal display projector is a cheaper option as compared to the other two. It is ideal for home viewing. It is a type of video projector where images can be viewed on screen or even fat surfaces.

Purchasing a projector can be a big decision. If a person has a small company, it is preferable not to spend a lot of money on projectors until and unless one requires it very frequently. Even if one decides to buy a projector, it would be better to rent the same model one is planning to purchase and be absolutely sure of its quality. And if one requires it once a month or so, renting a projector might be the most cost efficient option to consider.

Renting a projector these days is very easy. It doesn’t matter where a person lives, he/she can easily rent a projector with a little research on the internet. Generally these are very easy to install unless it is not a CRT projector installing which might be a difficult process. For instant if a person lives in Australia, say, Perth, he/she could easily rent a projector in Perth just by searching for it on the internet.

Some Factors to Look at Before Buying a Projector

  • Aspect Ratio if the purpose is watching a movie.
  • Resolution
  • Brightness
  • Contrast

These are some of the most common factors to be considered before buying or even renting a projector. But these are not the only factors. One needs a thorough research before investing on projectors when it comes to buying electronic devices.

Why Imac Repair Should Be Taken From Certified Technicians

Imac RepairPeople are using high end gadgets in performing works effectively these days. High end technological devices are useful in performing complicated projects at ease by professionals. Among the numerous devices, computer is one of the most important devices invented by the human being since the beginning of civilization. The performance get by the users is amazing with capacity to perform works of hundreds of men within seconds. This is why using of high end gadgets is helping in performing works effectively and according to global standard. Offices around the world are being computerized to perform work better and quickly. Aspirants willing to work in offices need to have skill in running computer to be eligible in getting job. This is why people are buying computers from the market to use in performing works. But, it is essential for users to maintain devices from getting damaged or glitches that hampers completing projects on time. Let us look at the importance of hiring certified technician in repairing numerous problems.

Laptop is a small device that is useful in performing works effectively with special software. This is a small device but has powerful applications useful in performing complicated projects quickly. There is no gadget that offers so much of portability to users for performing works during travelling. This is why it has become an important means of performing works effectively. But, it is the responsibility of users to maintain performing of gadget to avoid glitches in works. Laptop repair is essential from certified technicians found in the market. All the glitches need to be resolved quickly with the help of certified technicians to get high end performance. But, users need to be careful in choosing technician from market to get high end resolution of problems.

Apple is providing special quality gadget to tech-savvy users around the world. People are getting crazy of the expensive devices equipped with special quality applications and features. iMac is one of the most loved and used devices around the world. It is useful in performing complicated projects within a short time in offices due to presence of quality applications. But, iMac repair is essential to regain the quality performance after occurring glitches. A slight problem in device hampers performance that affect in ongoing projects. Apple certified technicians are required in resolving issues quickly after detecting with special software. Problems can arise due to accidents, mishandling, virus, and even incompatible software

The Best Home Theater Projectors

Optoma ML1000P WXGAIf you are going to buy a projector to watch movies, work with your computer or cellphone and play computer games, you are in the right place. In this blog, I am going to review the best video projectors of all types that you can find in the market. However, if you are aiming to buy a good quality projector like BENQ , SONY, SAMSUNG, EPSON or ACER you are going to spend at least 400 dollar for the cheapest ones, but here I will review some of the best home video projectors in various range prices. Plus, I will review some infamous projector brands ranging form 40-150 dollars for those who are looking for a cheap and average quality projectors. Of course, I did not forget portable, pocket-sized and micro projectors which are my favorite ones.

Top Rated Home Theater Projectors

Wanna spend more than 1500 $ for a high quality projector? Then, I have some suggestions for you!!

1- Optoma ML1000P WXGA :

It is 3D-Ready Mobile Projector with 1000 LED lumens and perfect for those who travel a lot. It is also available in 500 and 700 lumens which are palm hand-sized. It cost around 1600 , 500 and 570 dollar for 1000, 500 and 700 lumens respectively. It’s got almost 5 stars on amazon for one of the best and brightest home theater projectors in the market. The Optoma ML1000P is perfectly designed and it delivers a stunning 1,5000:1 contrast ratio, resolutions up to WXGA (1280 x 800) through VGA and HD (1920 x 1080) through HDMI . You can also deliver powerpoint presentation, display pictures and movies, view PDF files using its SD port without the need of a computer.

B00CY9PWKI_img7Optoma ML550 (500 LED Lumens) is one of the most amazing pocket sized projectors you can find in the market. This tiny projector is compact and light fits in your palm. Compared to other projectors of this type, you can hear any unusual noise from its fan. However, this incredibly small LED projector is able to deliver an impressive 500 lumens and 10,000:1 contrast ratio. You can also buy the used ones on amazon for about 400 dollar (click here for more information). Weighing in about 14.1oz and measuring a compact 4.1 x 1.5 x 4.2 inches make this product ultra-portable and easy to use. The LED light source is assumed to last for more than 20,000 hours. I also has capability of Wireless presentation through optional BI-EXTBGN adapter. It can be connected to to laptops, Blu-ray players, tablet computers (such as iPads), and game systems to display content.

All in all, if you are deciding to buy one of them, I would personally recommend ML1000p as it has much better performance but if you are looking for less price, then I would suggest ML550 which has a good costumer review and it is worth the money you’re spending.

I put some of the most helpful costumer reviews:

1- “Very bright. Very small and light (easy to carry in my laptop bag). Very clear. Everyone who sees it and what it projects is amazed. I haven’t noticed any unusual noise from the fan or anything. The colors are just what they should be, and the multiple screen resolution options are great. So far I’ve used the standard laptop connector to my Windows laptop and the HDMI connection to my iPad (with the digital connector from Apple), and both worked as expected. I only wish the focus was a little easier to get right across the entire image, that there was a way to manually switch the source on the projector itself (maybe there is, but I haven’t found it and have to use the remote that came with it), and that there was a little adjustable leg to angle it up towards the screen (it just sits flat on the table or a pile of books, sadly no leg to angle it). But overall, I do really like it and recommend it. 4.5 stars, but since that isn’t an option, I’ll round it up to 5 stars because it does work well.”

2- “Great projector. Beyond what i expected. I read all kinds of reviews and watched you tube videos before purchasing and heard a lot of opinoins that honestly did not reflect this projector. As for color quality this projector impressed me right out of the box. I’m not sure what other people were looking at on their test reviews but first hand the color is amazing. White is white and black is true black. Colors are vibrant and leave no desire for more. Image quality was also very good. I have it connected to my ps4 and the picture is perfectly clear. In hd it is even better. The fans aren’t totally silent but once you are watching a movie or have the volume up at all its not noticable at all.”

2- Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 Projector:

It is not probably the most expensive home cinema projector in the market but it is absolutely one of the best. In order to buy this amazing product you need to spend around 1,600 dollar. It is a 2000 lumens projector with a a contrast ratio up to 50,000:1 which is able to deliver 1920 x 1080 resolution. The native ratio is 16:9 but it is compatible with 4:9

and 16:9 video formats. This product has got almost 5 stars out of over 500 costumer reviews which shows the satisfactory performance of this projector (click here for details).

The problem with this projector is that it’s pretty huge and most of the buyers do not even realize how big it is by just looking at its pictures. So, not a suitable choice for those looking for a portable projector.

Affordable Projectors

Do you plan on spending around 500$ to buy a good quality projector? Then you should look at these options.

1- ViewSonic PJD5134 SVGA DLP Projector

It is high-performance SVGA 800×600 projector with 3,000 ANSI lumens brightness and 15,000:1 contrast ratio. It has HDMI port and it is able to display 3D content from a 3D Blu-ray player directly. weighting in at 4.6 pounds and measuring 3.3 inches in height, make this product small, light and portable. It cost around 550 which is a good price for a perfect projector like this. However, you can buy a used one for about 250 $ (click here). I can say it has ranked as the best projector among all the video projector found in amazon with over 900 costumer reviews!!! (for more detail click here).

2- Optoma HD141X 1080p 3D DLP

It is 3000 ANSI Lumens projector with remarkable contrast Ratio of 23,000:1 which make it ideal for watching HD 1080p movies, Sports and action-packed video games, and TV shows on a screen up to 300″ diagonal. It has compatibility with full 3D for Xbox, Blu-ray 3D player, PS3, PS4 and any other game consoles. However, its lamp life is estimated to last for up to 6500 hours. It costs about 550$ and it has a high rank and good costumer reviews. Most of the costumers are satisfied with their purchase.

Here is a costumer review of this product:

“The OPTOMA HD 141X 1080p is really amazing! I am a professional film director/creative director and believe me, very hard to impress with this kind of stuff. I powered it up and it just performed beautifully and not only at night. The picture is superb, simple to use and built to last. You will not be disappointed in any way. There are quite a few higher end projectors out there but not for this quality and definitely not for this price.

I highly recommend it”