Laptops The Rise And The Fall

LaptopsBeing on the move 24×7, it becomes impossible to carry your desktop everywhere you go. To overcome this crippling defect, man invented laptops hoping that it would aid him to work or access files whenever he wants and from wherever he wants. Introduced into the world over three decades ago, this is one of man’s favorite and still-in-use devices, which has evolved dramatically over the years with high-level engineering in design and build, along with upgraded software and more. The only difference is that, now, man spends quite some time unraveling the mysteries of the newest software, when he should be “working”.

Statistics on Computer:

Laptops were brand new and not as effective, as it is now when it was launched in 1979. Laptops saw a good sales level shipping around 210 million units just in the last year – 2012 – and this number is expected to keep increasing. This figure is only for the globally shipped laptops, if the numbers sold directly are added, this figure is much higher. Though there are a number of companies that sale a quality laptop, HP has remained the leading seller over the past few years, having sold a whopping 17.2% of the total laptop sales in 2011.

What’s Next?

Laptops are now available in almost every household, and are most popularly found in the hands of students, software engineers etc. But man aims to further improve this invention by cleverly reducing the size of these laptops, introducing the notebook laptops. Over the years they have even further miniaturized and have been combined with mobile technology to produce tablets. This year, tablets are expected to overtake laptops. Right now, the number of personal computers sold is constantly declining. The number of tablets sold is higher than both desktops and laptops. Soon, by 2017, the number of laptops sold is expected to go from 222.7 million units to 406.80 million.

Why DO You Need One?

About 26 percent of Americans own a laptop, a smart phone and a tablet. Every company has its own trademark tablet. Samsung was one of the pioneers of tablets. Now Apple is all set to join the race. Most laptop consumers are the young people. They get laptops for “educational purposes”. Sadly, they get used for all other purposes. The most recent development in the laptop frontier is the release of Windows 8.1. This new and advanced Windows Operating system is better at personalizing Applications.

Current Situation:

The current situation of the Laptop is very awe-inspiring. Laptops have become completely revolutionized. They have lost their keys. It has been replaced by a common input/output source- the touch screen. The price of these laptops has also become surprisingly low. But truth be told, laptops are being used everywhere. They are slowly but steadily replacing the use of pen and paper. Your hands no longer ache from typing for too long. You only have to touch the screen – which can be fun!

With laptops growing smaller and phones getting bigger, don’t be surprised if your laptop fits in your pocket and your phone has its own casing. But wait! Doesn’t your phone already come with a case?